Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A New Day, Two New Blogs

Happy New Year! Well, been on a bit of an hiatus here as a dispute with the management at Creative Weblogging coupled with the ongoing technical issues that made posting there a daily exercise in frustration boiled over and caused me to rethink the relationship.

As the news of my "issues" made the rounds of the blogosphere I got two amazing opportunities; join Mike Arrington's "TechCrunch Network" and start a new blog "MobileCrunch" and join Russell Buckley and Carlo Longino at "Mobhappy" both were too good to pass up so now I have two new gigs.

Please make it a point to update your blogrolls accordingly. I am no longer writing for either The Mobile Weblog or The Wireless Weblog, I am writing for MobileCrunch and Mobhappy and of course here.
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