Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nokia N90 First Full Photo Session

Had a lot of fun the other day testing out the new Nokia N90 I've been given as part of Nokia's Blogger Outreach Program.  I posted a bunch of the images over at my other site The Mobile Technology Weblog .  You can also check out the full set of images posted to flickr: HERE.
While you're at it, pay a visit to the site dedicated to the blogger outreach program: The N90 Bloggercom Blog
Through the Looking Glass
Looking across the courtyard from the old machine-shop to the main building (this was my second favorite shot on the day)
Well, I finally got the chance to really put the new Nokia N90 I've been entrusted with through a few of its paces, and while I'm hardly the photographer my brother's wife is
I was pretty pleased with the images that this masterpiece of technology rendered.
Interior of the  building, lots of interesting light, used Automatic settings and this result was surprisingly good.
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