Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nokia N90: The User Experience

Barely time to breathe right now as I'm trying to get out the door for a pre-event breakfast at DEMXPO, where I will be enthusiastically testing a new Nokia N90 that has been generously provided by Nokia.
The testing program is the brainchild of Andy Abramson and Brooke Davidson of Comunicano. Who deserve endless praise (not only for having the wisdom to choose a phone phanatic like me) but for creating a promotional modality that is certain to do far more for the Nokia brand and the recognition and sale of these extraordinary phones than sending thousands of them to the popular press.
Of course there are some caveats to this. First of all, when sending something like these phones to hard core geeks, you'd better be awfully confident that your product is exceptional. We don't have Nokia advertising plastered all over our blogs, and while these phones are awfully nice, not a one of us would sully our reputation by giving an undeserved glowing review; if there are things about these devices that we don't dig, you can count on reading about it.
Of course if they're good, you'll hear that too, and you can be certain that the rigourous real world testing that these phones will survive (or not) will be as strenuous as anything the typical buyer could ever imagine.
This is real grass roots marketing, but what Brooke and Andy have devised (and which Nokia has bought off on) is a way to reach right to the heart of the mobile mind-trust. The NokiaN90 blog is a stroke of genius for what it comprises are the sum total experiences of some of the most luminous of all authors to clench a mobile camera in their mits and wonder why oh why it takes such crappy photos. And the joy that is clearly expressed in posts when, for the first time, a mobile portrait resembles the subject and not some Picasso-esque parody (and not in a good way).
I'm looking forward to seeing what this baby can do. As I commented late last night on the N90 Blog, this is a whole lot of phone. I hope I can handle it ;-)
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