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Mobile Pipeline | Trials Start On Hybrid Wi-Fi, FLASH-OFDM Network

Mobile Pipeline | Trials Start On Hybrid Wi-Fi, FLASH-OFDM Network: "Trials Start On Hybrid Wi-Fi, FLASH-OFDM Network

Courtesy of Mobile Pipeline...

Japan Telecom said it will begin trials on a wireless network that combines Wi-Fi and FLASH-OFDM wireless broadband technology.

The telecom operator said it will conduct the trials with a research center in Tohoku University.

'The technology trial objectives are to verify high-speed Internet access and seamless roaming, as well as mobile-to-fixed handoff with wireless LANs using the IEEE 802.11b/g/a standard and FLASH-OFDM, 'Professor Kazuo Tsubouchi, said in a statement. 'Our goal is to help prove the ability of IP-based technologies to work in harmony to help create a seamless broadband experience for people, government and public safety organizations, using fixed and mobile networks.'

FLASH-OFDM is a wireless broadband technology, championed by Flarion Technology, that competes with WiMAX. Japan Telecom noted that it already has deployed public Wi-Fi service in a variety of locations. It is aiming at providing a more ubiquitous wireless network to its customers, the company said in a statement. It did not say, however, when it might commercialize the combined technologies.

Stitch says: I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of these announcments soon. Carriers are beginning to realize that voice over Wi-Fi or other IP based protocols is not going to go away and that by responding proactively they'll have a much better chance to innovate ahead of the curve and find themselves in an advantageous position relative to fighting the trend with every ounce of strength and then losing the battle only to find that meanwhile, they've lost time and marketshare to opponents that are suddenly the ones playing on their own turf.

Moreover, the adaptation can actually serve to reduce traffic costs; backhaul of voice to the ip core will free up the cost and capacity sensitive network components making it possible to handle more simultaneous voice and data traffic and as the networks move through and beyond 3G, the carriers will have the opportunity to reshape themselves to make money off of content, and other services.

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