Friday, May 27, 2005

Carriers Should Love the Next Gen Gaming Consoles: Convergence Inflection Point

Carriers Should Love the Next Gen Gaming Consoles: "Carriers Should Love the Next Gen Gaming Consoles

By Om Malik on Articles

Business 2.0: The next generation of gaming consoles — Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox 360, Nintendo’s (NTDOY) Revolution, and Sony’s (SNE) PlayStation 3 — were the talk of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, the giant industry show held in Los Angeles last week. Attendees couldn’t get over the machines’ eye-popping graphics and supercomputer-level processing muscle. But the real story here is that the new crop of consoles is superconnected in a way earlier generations could only dream of. Armed with Ethernet and Wi-Fi, these devices are designed to serve as launchpads for widespread online gaming, a potentially lucrative business that so far has failed to attract users beyond the hard-core. If all goes according to plan, not only will the videogame industry get a boost but the broadband business will too. Continue reading at B2 website.

Stitch Says: I've been talking with a few friends including VanGorilla at The Pondering Primate about this eventuality. I contend that the triple or even quadruple play (if you roll cellular or VoIP to Off Net minutes) into the package can actually play a secondary role that may equal or even exceed the benefit derived by the user of the box itself. There are massive opportunities here. Does anyone else see them?

LG Cyon KP4000 Everything Cell: Convergence Qubed + 1

LG Cyon KP4000 Everything Cell: "LG Cyon KP4000 Everything Cell

In Cellphones: LG

cyon_3.jpgThe Age of Aquarconvergance is upon here. This LG cell has an MP3 player, QVGA display, 1.3 megapixel camera, FM tuner/transmitter, bluetooth, GPS, and herpes. But it won't kiss you when it has a cold sore.

No word on pricing or US availability, but we can expect a lot of these in the next few months. Amazing form-factor and amazing list of specs.

LG's (Cyon) KP4000 - crazy cell/GPS/camera/MP3 player [DAPreview]"

Stitch Says: Usually phones by themselves don't merit posts, but this little guy is bloggable just for the trend it represents. Micro form factor, multi application devices being converged into handsets. They said it in "Smart Mobs" the cell phone will become "the remote control for your life" Nice to meet you Mr. Phone, I'm Stitch...

I bet more than a few people are realizing that Mr. Gates iPod remark from a week or so past wasn't quite so ludicrous as they would have had you think.

The Quadruple Play" Convergence Qubed!

The Quadruple Play: "The Quadruple Play

By samc on Commentary

A new study from the Ipsos-Insight market research firm says people want wireless minutes added to the 'triple play' bundle.

Bundles that add wireless phone service to VoIP, television and Internet services will become highly popular, according to the study released Wednesday. Telephone and cable vendors have recently been touting the so-called 'Triple Play', bundling broadband internet access, television and voice-over-IP."

Stitch Says: Perhaps people are surprised? We've been converging technolgies ever since we put two outlets on one wall cutout so why should this upgrade to the triple play be anything but expected. I found the analysis of which companies could claim a stake in this space to be interesting, however, I felt that two very obvious enterprises (both which I believe could combine to own this space) were left off. I'd love to hear your thoughts as to which ones and why.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Nanotech Wireless (where clothing, the human body and telecommunications converge)

Nanotech Wireless: "Nanotech Wireless

By samc on General News

At the Nanobusiness conference in New York yesterday, (May 24), Bell Laboratories President Jeff Jaffe predicted that nanoscience could make ubiquitous communications a transformational technology on the order of the telephone and television. 'Nanotechnologies applied to communications will transform other industries in a way that no other technology has done in the past', he said."

Stitch says: talk about transformational change. Many of the things mentioned are truly hard to imagine, but then so too were many of the devices we take for granted these days. One thing is for sure; nanotechnology is one arena were creativity and science are coming together with astonishing results. When they figure out a way to implant new synthetic nano-lenses in the human eye for super-human vision, sign me up.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Daily Wireless - Skype: Voice Will Be Free: A convergence the telcos wish wasn't gonna happen

Daily Wireless - Skype: Voice Will Be Free: "Skype: Voice Will Be Free
Posted on Tuesday, May 24 2005 @ 09:18:33 PDT by samc

General News

Voice over IP will force traditional telephone companies to stop charging for voice calls, says Skype CEO Niklas Zennstr�m.

Speaking at the VON Europe 2005 conference today in Stockholm, Zennstr�m said the fact telephony has morphed from a network to a software application 'is a game changer'."

Stitch says: Times are certainly changing and it's the underestimated outside the box thinkers that are paving the way. This post has huge implications and it telegraphs some very important issues to come; the tables might be turned on the telecos sooner than they think. If the last stand against VoIp is political wrangling related to emergency calls to 911, they're in fairly serious trouble. Especially if points such as Zennstrom's about text to dispatcher gains any traction. I can just imagine trying to text from an old rotary phone...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

MyKey 2300 RFID door lock: convergence that could give losing your cell phone a whole new dimension of inconvenience

MyKey 2300 RFID door lock: "MyKey 2300 RFID door lock

By Donald Melanson

RFID Door Lock

This bit of tech first popped up on our rader almost a year ago and now looks to be implemented by at least one manufacturer. The MyKey 2300 is an RFID-enabled digital door lock that can be opened with an RFID-equipped cellphone, although it also has a slide-out keypad if you’re too paranoid to carry around an RFID chip with you all the time. But who needs a lock? That HAL 9000 eye should be enough to scare off any sci-fi savvy burglar."

Stitch says: while the convenience of having just about everything you'd leave the house with integrated into your cell phone is arguably both convenient and in my opinion somewhat inevitable, we do need to think of the consequences. Losing your phone and being forced to break into your own home being one obvious new issue...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

WiMax: On The Move: Standards Convergence

WiMax: On The Move: "WiMax: On The Move

By samc on 802.16 News

Australia's largest '4G' provider, Unwired Australia, is preparing to move to Wi-Max technology early next year, investing in 802.16e-programmable equipment, reports ZD Net Australia.

Unwired Australia currently uses Navini's proprietary broadband wireless gear for baseband and semi-mobile clients. But Unwired apparently is getting new receiving equipment from Navini Networks early next year that could either be programmed to 802.16e or use a 'proprietary Wi-Fi technology' [whatever that means...proprietary MIMO clients maybe?]."

Stitch says: The standards end game is on and no punches are being pulled as companies and even countries are vying for their particular standard to be ratified. In some instances this amounts to a wireless land-grab as companies attempt to acumulate subscribers and standardization momentum by virtue of general acceptance.

Other companies have been smart to benefit by playing "Switzerland"; "TeleCIS Wireless, a California chip designer, has strategic alliances with Samsung and Korea Telecom. It's developing integrated, multi-protocol chipsets supporting combinations of Wi-Fi, WiMAX and WiBro simultaneously.

XTen contemplating Sony PSP VoIP Softphone? (Converging the two things teens love most, gaming and talking)

XTen contemplating Sony PSP VoIP Softphone?: "XTen contemplating Sony PSP VoIP Softphone?

By Om Malik on Asides

XTen CEO on his blog is wondering if it was time to develop a softphone client for Sony PSP. “Since we can browse the web on this thing, and it has a USB port, Wi-Fi and a TCP stack you would think we should be able hack together a softphone for VoIP. Video will come later, camera attachment. I will keep you posted.” Yo Erik…. this is a slamdunk, don’t wait too long. How about one for Symbian phones as well? via"

Stitch Says: a truly bright idea, and with the demographic of this market, a brilliant play to capture what will ultimately be a key consumer. It's concepts like this where the nature of multi-platform convergence reaches an apogee of cost/benefit/utility.

WiFi/Cellular Roaming Overview (More on Cellular/Wi-Fi Convergence)

WiFi/Cellular Roaming Overview: "WiFi/Cellular Roaming Overview

By samc on Cellular Technology

WiFi Cellphones, using both cellular and Wi-Fi networks to transport voice calls, may be on the way -- despite kicking and screaming cellular providers. An ABI Research report predicts that annual global sales of these handsets will exceed $100 million in 2010. But there are still 'issues'. Seamless roaming between WiFi and cellular networks, for example."

Stitch Says: one day we won't know or care which network our phone or computer is using; ubiquity is best defined by invisibility. When something is so pervasive we no longer identify unique components but simply use it; like oxygen. Today, however, many questions remain unanswered about how we'll transition from legacy networks and systems to a fully integrated always on broadband world completely available anywhere we might need it. This terrific rundown is a small map of the possibilities.
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