Thursday, July 14, 2005

WiMax VoIP Delivered : Converging Acronyms?

WiMax VoIP Delivered: "*

WiMax VoIP Delivered

By samc on 802.16 News

WiFi Planet notes that San Francisco based Soma Networks has completed interoperability validation with Broadsoft's BroadWorks, paving the way for VoIP application delivery over WiMAX.

Broadworks is a VoIP application platform that manages call routing and provides a number of core web-enabled telephony services including voice mail, call waiting, conferencing, and auto-attendant functions. Soma Networks' part of the equation includes a wireless end-to-end IP telephony solution that offers a fully integrated VoIP wireless broadband gateway that allows VoIP application bandwidth efficiency over a broadband wireless infrastructure.

Soma's wireless broadband gateway is a converged device that integrates a SIP User Agent (SUA), analog terminal adapter (ATA), wireless broadband modem and WiFi route into a single unit. According to Soma, users can plug any standard analog voice phone or FAX line into the device and use their web browser to register for VoIP services.

The SOMA solution is targeted at service providers looking to offer landline quality voice and high speed data services to residential and SoHo customers. Broadband Wireless (WiMAX) based VoIP compares favorably from a price, technology, and security point of view with wired VoIP solutions according to Soma."

Stitch Says: better get your notepad out, we've got a new acronym coming...any guesses? Possibilities include VoMax, VO-WiMax or they could depart from the standard, try something different and fun and go with MaxVox, Wi-Vox, or how about VO-Wax? Their are so many new acronyms being generated today you need a dictionary to keep them straight. And if you want to actually tell someone what some of the acronyms stand for you'd better have your engineering degree. How about orthagonal freququency division mutiplexing?

Seriously, though, WiMax is starting to show some promise. More than one company has managed to demonstrate real-world functionality for fixed and mobile acess deployed over not one but multiple different frequencies. As analog broadcasts vacate large swathes of the airwaves, the rapid deployment of new high speed data services is going to be a boom for consumers looking for better service offerings and competitive prices.
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