Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Handheld Wireless Gambling: Now Slot Jockeys and Poker Fiends Can Converge on the Casinos from Home

Nevada Legalizes Wireless Handheld GamingBy Peter Rojas

Wireless gambling handheld

We can already tell that next year’s DefCon is going to be a hoot: the state of Nevada just passed a law that would make it legal to gamble using a wireless handheld device in any part of a casino except a hotel room (because it’d be tough to for them to stop kiddies from playing, and you know how much the kids love video poker). It’s actually illegal to gamble online here in the States, so the idea here is that casinos can offer their patrons handhelds that connect up to a local wireless network and which would allow them to continue, uh, winning and losing (well, mostly losing) money even when they’re hitting the buffet or watching Zumanity. Then again, if you’re just going to go all the way to Vegas to play Texas Hold ‘Em on a tiny PDA screen, you could probably save yourself some time, trouble, and expense and just kick it at home, but hey, we’re doing our best to understand your addiction.

Stitch Says: and you thought kids of PlayStation Portable were bad...I'm not much of a gambler myself, I have enough stuff to do without adding poker to my vices, but for those that are, I'm curious about things like user experience, bandwidth, security, etc. Anyone? What's the table limit? What happens when a call drops fbefore the ball does? Is static grounds for failing to pay up when you lose a big pot? Anyone? Anyone?
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